Looking for Financing for A Used Car?

Look No Further Than Used Car Finance Rates!

We offer buyers a chance to find used car dealers who will help with the financing needed to secure the used vehicle of their dreams.

This Is Who We Are

Used Car Finance Rates was created to help used car buyers get the financing they need to purchase the used car of their dreams. We know how difficult it can be to secure funding especially if you don’t have the best credit or you are wary of the interest rates third-party sites typically offer. We built our website with used car buyers in mind.

Here's How It Works

These are steps that you need to take to begin the process.

Fill Out An Application

Fill out an application to apply for a loan and then submit it to us, and we will share it with the registered dealerships that we partner with.

Get Pre-Approved Quickly

Regardless of credit history we help you get pre-approved with dealerships so you can start shopping for the used car of your dreams.

Find The Used Car of Your Dreams

Shop for and buy the used car of your dreams on our website by searching through the directory of our hundreds of registered used car dealerships.

Get Financing & Shop With These Dealers

These are a few local dealerships near you that can help with financing and offer the used car you have been searching for.

What You Can Use With A Loan

These are three areas the loans you receive from registered dealers on our website can help you with.


Help finance the used car of your dreams with a loan that you can secure via the registered dealerships on our website.


Need to refinance your car payments? Change the terms of your loan? We make it easy to do that.


Loans can help you pay for insurance costs and ensure you can afford to provide insurance for your car .

Why Go Directly To The Dealer?

It may seem counter-intuitive to go directly to the dealership or use a third-party site as a means to get a loan, but here are some reasons our website is an excellent place to get a loan from a registered dealership and their finance department.

You Can Finance On Your Terms

Going directly through a registered dealership and their bank allows you to finance a loan, car payments, or even insurance on your terms.

Going Direct Is The Best

Why have an intermediary get in the way of getting a loan and setting the financing terms when you can go directly to the source.

Choose Terms & Conditions You Can Afford

When you go directly to the dealerships and their banks you can choose the terms of the loan and the conditions of the financing available to you.

You Are A Dealership's Priority

The registered used car dealerships we work with will make you their priority. They want to be in business with you and ensure that both you and your friends and family continue to shop with them.